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Black Tourmaline


LITE Rings_Arizona Turquoise LITE Rings_Australian Opal LITE Rings_Clear Quartz LITE Rings_Lapis Lazuli LITE Rings_Red Desert Sand

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Essence Collection

Explore the garden of colours of this vibrant collection. Inspired by nature, made with unique Australian gemstones, also available with adjustable band to fit any size, for your piece of mind.

Timeless Cufflinks [Round #01] Timeless [Earrings] Timeless [Bracelets] Timeless Necklaces [Tourbillon] Timeless Cufflinks [Rectangle]

Discover our

Timeless Collection

When design meets elegance, made with exclusive luxury watches mechanism. A timeless piece to add to your collection.


Handmade in Australia

Every beautiful piece is made by hand in our Sydney studio. We personally curate every aspect of the creation process, from the concept design to the creation, ensuring we deliver not just jewellery, but unique pieces of art.

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