Soviet - Watch Parts Cufflinks

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  • Watch parts are sourced from two watches from the Soviet era dating from 1960's

  • 17 Jewelled rubies are embedded throughout the watch mechanism showcasing all its glorious detail of its gears, cogs and escapement wheel

  • Plated Cufflinks over surgical grade Stainless Steel

  • Glass and acrylic capsule enclosure

  • Marine grade stainless steel cuffs that are laser welded to the foot of the cuff and base

  • No expense was spared in making these luxurious 18K Rose Gold cufflinks that are vacuum plated to the marine stainless steel

  • Available in 18K Rose Gold, Stainless Steel, Black & Electric Blue

  • Description Cards Provided: Watch History, Care Instruction / Warranty & Material Information

  • Cufflinks box provided - Packaging

  • Warranty & Care Instructions

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