PETIT-Red Desert Sand-silver-rose gold-necklace

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    • Natural Australian Sand set inside a fine pendant

    • Loose Red Desert Sand

    • Select between 18K Rose Gold, Yellow Gold Plated, Stainless Steel or Black Pendants


        *RED DESERT SAND :
        Origin* Central Australia.
        It is the Australian identity known as the ‘outback'.
        Managing desert lands involves extraordinary biodiversity of plants and animals with complex conservation issues.
        Aboriginal artists have long been inspired by the desert's vastness, colour palette and light.
        Origin* By respect & admiration of the aboriginal culture, this sand does not come from any aboriginal sacred site.





        Australian Red Sand

        Why Australian Red Sand is a Secret Superpower in Jewellery

        Looking for some unique, elegant jewellery pieces that offer both significance and deeper meaning? Buying beach jewellery with Australian red sand gives you a chance to buy a thoughtful gift that has more to it than what meets the eye.


        The Benefits of Beach Jewellery in Australia

        Jewellery is a much-loved gift for friends and family, and for good reason too. It's a way to show somebody what they mean to you in a way that's personalised to their preferred sense of style. Beach jewellery, in particular, offers unique advantages, including the following aspects:

        • Personal touch: Jewellery crafted from natural elements related to the sea makes the perfect gift for any nature lover in your life. What better way to give them a gift that's related to their passion for the sea and nature itself? Making or work beyond jewellery, when you wear one of our creations, you’ll be wearing a piece of art.
        • Eco-friendly: Jewellery may not always be sourced or manufactured sustainably. Mining metals, including gold and gemstones, may prove to be potentially harmful to the environment. Jewellery made with natural element is done with minimal manufacturing process.
        • Reasonable: It is always hard to find a gift from Australia that is not tacky and cheaply made. We try to capture the element by using materials that doesn’t involve big machinery system and also proposes a fair price that provides quality, design and one of a kind piece.

        These advantages bring an unforgettable story and a distinctive gift to your loved one in your life.


        Common Mistakes Made When Buying Beach Jewellery in Australia

        To find the perfect gift for your loved ones, you should consider aspects first to avoid many common pitfalls of buying jewellery, especially beach jewellery in Australia. Keep the following in mind:

        • It's paramount to choose jewellery that the person you're giving it to will admire and cherish. Make sure you know your loved ones personal taste and preferences with jewellery before choosing something you assume they will enjoy, avoiding a disappointed.
        • Various jewellers offer traditional ocean jewellery, and it can be hard to find the most suitable one. Before choosing, do some research into the company and how they source and manufacture their jewellery. This gives you a better understanding of the company's practices and if they are conscious of sustainability or not.
        • Cost-effectiveness is important but not the sole factor when choosing a jeweller. So, instead of looking for something that doesn’t line up with your value, choose a jeweller that offers something locally made.


        About Oli&J

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