Pigments Series_Pendant

Regular price $250.00
  • Raw pigments sourced from precious stones are set carefully in each piece creating one of a kind design on each side of the pendant

  • Every piece of this Signature Series is handmade work of art, created in our studios in Sydney, Australia

  • Smaller than a five cents dollar coin Size - Australian Currency

  • Rhodium Matt Black plated over Stainless Steel Pendant

  • Chain Length 18" (45.7cm)

The Peach Black Signature Series is a new incredible collection of unique, handmade wearable art created as a collaboration between visual artist Matteo Bernasconi and jewellers Oli&J.

These unique pieces are made from the richest and vibrant pigments made from selected minerals and precious gemstones.

“Each piece celebrates the essence and the origin of colours and is the culmination of years of experimentation with natural pigments, paints and traditional art techniques. Every piece is unique and unrepeatable.” Matteo Bernasconi