Essence Bracelets_Lapis Lazuli

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      • Natural Lapis Lazuli gemstones set inside a fine bracelet

      • Cubic zirconia set on the opposite side of the capsule

      • Solid ROUND cut Amazonite stone

      • Select between 18K Rose, Yellow Gold Plated, Stainless Steel Bracelets

      • Plating made over Surgical Stainless Steel

      • Standard Sizes: 17.8 cm

      • Description Cards Provided: Meaning of the stone*, Care Instruction & Material Information - Packaging

      • Warranty & Care Instructions

        *LAPIS LAZULI :
        In Latin, the name means "Blue Stone".
        As a stone of royalty & spirituality, it was used to entomb & decorate the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt.
        It enhances intellectual ability, making one a better learner & teacher. 
        Lapis is a stone of truth, it brings calm and loving communication for a home.
        We hand cut all of the gemstones individually to size, It may vary slightly in colour compared to the photos provided on the website.