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We are passionate about architecture, design & history. Our philosophy aims to always remember the famous quote by Mies Van Der Rohe “Less is more”, we are fascinated about beauty in simplicity. 

“LESS IS MORE” - Mies Van Der Rohes 

In paradox, we love collecting old objects like old meters, gages, Kodak folding camera... the list can go on forever... but curiously we always love turning objects into something functional or unusual. 

“As TECHNOLOGY advances and old things 
become a memory of the past we admire and 
of the old ways.” -Time Flies Designs  

 Through our journey we have been inspired by the industrial revolution, the fact that we could use old things and upcycle them into another purpose. As much as we love this style, we wanted to re-vamp it and make it more contemporary & elegant. 

“is the process of converting waste materials or 
useless products into new materials or products of 
better quality or for better environmental value.”

We have incorporated new 3D technology in our creations to improve the design and quality of our jewellery. We love combining old and new and making it easy to wear for everyday life. As much that we love the quirky side of our design, the history behind our products will always get you a comment or something to talk about. 


Since 2012, we focus to improve quality over quantity. All of our products are handmade by us in our creative design studio in Sydney, Australia. 

We have developed a passion for the beauty of natural gemstones, it leads us to apply our philosophy and re-vamp the style to make it more subtle and elegant like you never seen before. (to stay updated follow us on Facebook or Instagram)

By combining our skills and our passion, we have created a new era of technical jewellery that can be now seen on our website or boutiques around the world.

One of our milestones has been to feature our jewellery at the BIJORHCA international jewellery and watch fair in Paris, France. We are excited to have our jewellery showcased at the famous Victoria & Albert Museum in London.