Petits Anneaux_Rhodonite

Prix régulier $150.00
    • Natural Rhodonite gemstones set inside an adjustable ring

    • Cubic zirconia set on the opposite side of the capsule

    • Select the stone between the Hot Pink or the Soft Pink

    • Hot Pink: Rhodonite with Black Manganese

    • Soft Pink: Rhodonite with no Black Manganese

    • Select between 18K Rose Gold, Yellow Gold Plated or Stainless Steel Rings

    • Plating made over Surgical Stainless Steel

    • Adjustable Ring Band


        *RHODONITE :
        A stone of compassion and emotional balance.
        Sourced from Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia.
        Rhodonite is a stone that clears away emotional wounds & scars from the past.
        Encourages altruism & generosity, the joy of serving others.
        Discovering & developing hidden talents, compassion & love.
        We hand cut all of the gemstones individually to size, It may vary slightly in colour compared to the photos provided on the website.