Petits anneaux_Quartz rutilé

Prix régulier $150.00
    • Natural Rutilated Quartz gemstones set inside an adjustable ring

    • Cubic zirconia set on the opposite side of the capsule

    • Select between 18K Rose Gold, Yellow Gold Plated or Stainless Steel Rings

    • Plating made over Surgical Stainless Steel

    • Adjustable Ring Band

        Also called "Venus Hairs"
        It simply sizzles with energy, it feels almost electrified.
        It helps one instantly know if a person or situation carries good or bad "vibes".
        An ideal gemstone to use for healing as it has the ability to attract angelic vibrations.
        We hand cut all of the gemstones individually to size, It may vary slightly in colour compared to the photos provided on the website.