Oli & J



Olivia & Juan have created a unique brand that has influenced the code of traditional jewellery making and has focused on the beauty of Australian Gemstones and the elements.

Launching in 2012, we develop two signature collections that reflect our passion for architecture, design & history. All of our products are handmade by us in our Oli&J Studio.

Essence Collection: With a love for natural gemstones, our latest collection features elegant and timeless pieces created with beautiful gemstones from around Australia. This unique series is currently stocked in our studio in Chippendale, Sydney. 

Timeless Collection: Our initial series – the Mechanical Collection, showcases our love for old objects, with particular attention on classic luxury watches. This beautiful collection launched us into the European market, where our pieces were showcased at the BIJORHCA International Jewellery Show (Paris, France) and are currently on display at the iconic Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK)

Mixing the old and the new gives us a unique edge to all of our collection's pieces. We incorporate new 3D technology in our creations, along with old objects and style. Making our work beyond jewellery - when you wear one of our creations, you’ll be wearing a piece of art.