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Oli&J - About us

Olivia & Juan have created a unique brand that has influenced the code of traditional jewellery making and has focused on the beauty of Australian Gemstones and the elements.

Launching in 2012, we develop two signature collections that reflect our passion for architecture, design & history. All of our products are handmade by us in our Oli&J Studio.

Essence Collection: With a love for natural gemstones, our latest collection features elegant and timeless pieces created with beautiful gemstones from around Australia. This unique series is currently stocked in our studio in Chippendale, Sydney. 

Timeless Collection: Our initial series – the Mechanical Collection, showcases our love for old objects, with particular attention on classic luxury watches. This beautiful collection launched us into the European market, where our pieces were showcased at the BIJORHCA International Jewellery Show (Paris, France) and are currently on display at the iconic Victoria & Albert Museum (London, UK)

Mixing the old and the new gives us a unique edge to all of our collection's pieces. We incorporate new 3D technology in our creations, along with old objects and style. Making our work beyond jewellery - when you wear one of our creations, you’ll be wearing a piece of art.   


Contemporary Handmade Jewellery

Unique Contemporary Handmade Jewellery

When we say we have contemporary handmade jewellery, we mean it literally. Our Timeless Collection is actual clockwork pieces made into necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. This unique design will be the centre of the conversation, and soon all your friends want this unique design.

If you prefer something more sparkly and artsy, our wearable art collection is handmade and comes from a collaboration by a local artist and us. Why hang a piece of art on the wall if you can carry it with you and enjoy it wherever you go. 

What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Contemporary Jewellery in Australia

We offer you various contemporary collections to suit modern taste. If you wish to view the pieces, do get in touch with us via email and we can organise a video call.

  • Our essence collection provides the calming essence of Australian gemstones and will leave any crystal lover overjoyed. Some of the stones include Opal, Moonstone and Lapis Lazuli. We can set your stone in rose gold, stainless steel and yellow gold for the perfect necklace, ring, bracelet, cufflinks or earrings.
  • Wearing a vintage watch mechanism as cufflinks or a necklace gives the idea that you have sophisticated taste. It serves as a reminder to live in the moment and appreciate all the time given to you. If you prefer a different style, we have a Bitcoin and cyberpunk look as well as the inside of an actual Soviet or Omega watch.
  • What makes our art collection so unique? Firstly, when you look at the pieces, you will see they are all different and handmade. We source pigments from precious stones, and we use them to make small (smaller than a 5 cent coin) but impactful pieces. We also provide different pendant sizes to suit your style and choice.
  • Our pieces made such an impact that you will find our Timeless pieces on display at the Albert and Victoria Museum in the UK. We take vintage objects steeped in history and transform them into unique and beautiful pieces. Their elegant, one-off designs combine old parts and new 3D technology to make contemporary jewellery with a quirky and timeless style.

With the variety of online gift shops out there now, you can be sure to find a million of the same things that just lack the special touch of vintage, handmade pieces. However, Australia has a few contemporary jewellery designers who can create a gift to make the wearer feel valued and special to have the honour of receiving such a unique gift.

The History of Modern Jewellery in Australia

When we look at the history of jewellery, gemstones and art for personal decoration in Australia, we have to look at where it all started.

  • The Aborigines of Australia first used shells, plumage and stones to adorn their necklaces and headdresses. These jewellery pieces are easy to recognise now and speaks of the history of Aborigines and their environment.
  • Australia is known for precious stones such as opal and diamonds, with the world’s oldest diamond discovered in remote North Australia as late as 2007. However, Australia still surprises with its natural resources and continues to provide resources for contemporary jewellery in Sydney.
  • Many of the great jewellery houses had their origin thanks to European migrants, and European and British style is still evident in some of the pieces today. In the 1970s, Australian contemporary jewellery designers flourished, and you will see creations that adorned Australian maps and the local fauna and flora. Australian opal, which was previously believed by the British to be bad luck, also gained the attention of global designers. The boom of the 1980s saw many Japanese and American travellers expand the Australian opal trade.

Today, Collins Street is regarded as the epicentre of jewellery retailing. The Manchester Unity building with York and Castlereagh streets in Sydney is viewed as Australia’s jewellery trade hub. As with any other country, 21st-century Australian jewellery designers have to compete with the influx of cheap imported goods. As a result, many jewellers had to close their doors as they couldn’t stay afloat. However, Australia did bring the world the genius that is Sydney jeweller Stefano Canturi who the elite embraced.

About Oli&J

The partnership that is Oli&J is based on a fascination with history, old pieces, architecture and the Timeless Collection was one of our first ventures into contemporary jewellery making. We launched in 2012 and gave every Australian the opportunity to combine old and new and wear a unique piece of art.

Contact us if you have any queries about our pieces.