Colliers intemporels [Oméga]

Prix régulier $250.00
  • Unisex Necklace

  • Unique piece showcasing the mechanism of an OMEGA vintage watch

  • Capsule Size similar at 1 dollar coin - Australian Currency

  • Rhodium Matt Black plated over Stainless Steel Pendant

  • Two-tone Brass Chain

  • Long Chain 22" (55.8cm) Length

  • Description Cards Provided: About the watch*, Care Instruction & Material Information

  • Jewellery Box Provided - Packaging

  • Warranty & Care Instructions

  • Free Shipping Worldwide 

    Called "The Moonwatch"
    Omega watches were the choice of NASA for the first watch worn on the Moon in 1969.
    Since then, it has been worn on all six lunar landings and earned the nickname “The Moonwatch”. 


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