Chrysoprase "Australian Jade" Petit Necklaces

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  • Natural Chrysoprase gemstones set inside a fine pendant

  • Solid ROUND Cut Chrysoprase stone

  • Select between 18K Rose Gold, Yellow Gold Plated or Stainless Steel Pendants

  • 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Chain

  • Chain Length 18" (45.7cm) 

  • Description Cards Provided: Meaning of the stone*, Care Instruction & Material Information - Packaging

  • Warranty & Care Instructions

  • Free Shipping Worldwide

    Also known as 'Australian Jade'.
    The best quality of chrysoprase come from Queensland, Australia.
    May Birthstone as an alternative to Emerald.
    Known for manifesting optimism, joy & happiness.
    It is an extremely useful stone for improving emotional health.
    We hand cut all of the gemstones individually to size, It may vary slightly in colour compared to the photos provided on the website.



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    Australian Jade

    Wear Australian Jade in Stunning Jewellery Designs

    Australian jade, also known as Chrysoprase, is a stunning gemstone to use in jewellery. Its durability, hardness and polishing ability make it ideal for a range of cutting styles and various jewellery pieces, including necklaces, bracelets and rings. We hand-cut authentic gemstone to the perfect size to use in our unique jewellery range.


    What You Should Know About Australian Jade Stone

    Chrysoprase is found and mined in Western and South Australia and Queensland.

    • It is rare and valuable: Jade can come in many forms, yet Chrysoprase is a rare type of chalcedony, which is a variety of quartz. This green stone contains traces of nickel and gets its name from the Greek words chrysos which means gold, and praso which translates to leek. When you see it in its finest form, it can appear as if the bright green stone has a glowing, ethereal feature.
    • It is composed of tiny crystals: It is this structure that gives the gemstone its texture and bright colour that usually appears translucent. As a result, you can get a range of green tones from a light minty hue to a deep green colour.
    • Some people believe it has beneficial properties: The highest quality jade stone comes from the Queensland area. Some people believe that this stone can help your heart remain centred and give you courage in difficult situations. Others have said that it can support vitality and youthfulness, help you to release fear, and encourage love and trust.

    We use authentic Australian jade stone in our jewellery.


    What Sets Us Apart Regarding Australian Jade Stone

    We create unique, handmade jewellery using beautiful, quality gemstones.

    • We create beautiful jewellery pieces: You are sure to find the perfect design to suit your personality with our extensive range of jewellery pieces. We set the jade stone into ring, bracelet and necklace designs. Our Petit necklace features a solid round cut jade stone set into fine rose gold, stainless steel or yellow plated pendant.
    • We provide exceptional customer service: We create quality jewellery and maintain high standards of craftsmanship. We offer an excellent repair service, and every jewellery piece comes with care instructions so that you can get the most value out of your chosen design.
    • We offer free worldwide delivery: We process orders promptly and provide free delivery using trusted Australian postal services. We deliver worldwide and will provide you with a tracking number for your parcel so you can anticipate the arrival of your stunning and elegant jewellery.


    About Oli&J

    We create unique and stunning jewellery using authentic and natural gemstones. Our stones are mined locally in Australia and hand-cut to individual size for use in our necklaces, bracelets and rings. Our elegant Essence jewellery collection features timeless pieces made with Australian gemstones such as jade stone. We provide exceptional customer service and can assist you in finding the ideal piece for your requirements. Contact us with any questions or order online and get free delivery worldwide.