Moonstone & Sunstone Lune Necklaces

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    • Natural Moonstone from Sri Lanka & Sunstone from Oregon, USA.

    • Combination of natural Moonstone & Sunstone

    • Select between 925 Sterling Silver, 18K Rose or Yellow Gold Filled or Black Pendants

    • 925 Sterling Silver Rhodium Plated Chain

    • Wear 3 ways in Lariat style, Long style or Choker Style

    • Description Cards Provided: Meaning of the stone*, Care Instruction & Material Information

    • Jewellery Box Provided - Packaging

    • Warranty & Care Instructions

    • Free Shipping Worldwide

          Encourages calmness, patience & inner tranquillity.
          Moonstone has often been associated with lovers and feminine energy. 
          It can reveal to women their feminine power and their connection to the goddess. 
          *SUNSTONE :
          Leadership & Mental Clarity

          Sunstone is a stone of personal power & freedom. It can light the fire of leadership within who wear or carry it. It helps leaders find the inner conviction & self-discipline to move forward.
          It melts away the sense of unworthiness that can keep one from fully being who one is. It can assist one in manifesting prosperity, acquiring knowledge & attaining wisdom.
          We hand cut all of the gemstones individually to size, It may vary slightly in colour compared to the photos provided on the website.  


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